Hands-free Pleasure

Petl, Stays on Until You Take it Off

It’s the innovative answer to the age old question – how to have more fun in bed.

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Piri Miller, CEO




Leader of the intersection

between technology and human service.

Pioneering a new form of wearables.

My combination of technology sales, fundraising

and program development propels my current and future activities.


The Team

Elizabth New Headshot

Elizabeth New

Product Design

Former Production Ceramicist for Shapeways global 3D company

Ted Southern Headshot

Ted Southern

Product Design

Founder of Final Frontier Design, successfully launched via Kickstarter; 15 years in costume / special effects design focusing on high impact automated wearables

Audrey Donaldson Headshot

Audrey Donaldson


President/CEO of Tenka Labs, Inc. Key member of 3-person catalog start-up team at PB Kids, the most successfully launched catalog at Williams-Sonoma

Luke Miller


The factory guy with over 10 years experience in sourcing, product development, manufacturing, and quality control in China, USA & Europe

Veronica Yanhs Headshot

Veronica Yanhs


A multi-disciplined entrepreneur, from systems to spankings, she gets all hot and bothered by diligent processes, thoughtful protocols, and high-quality service: from spreadsheets to the bedsheets

Rachel Konick Headshots

Rachel Konick


3+ years in retail and wholesale accounts management; 7 years in nonprofit operations and fundraising consulting; 7 years in grant and program management

Gareth Redfern-Shaw Headshot

Gareth Redfern-Shaw


Consultant CIO & collaborator with 15 years experience in complex problem-solving through project management & software lifecycle dev, all while supplying the data insights necessary to drive company growth

Michael Saterman Headshot

Michael Saterman


Strategic marketing consultant with 20 years experience creating B2B and B2C brand and interactive marketing strategies to drive growth and engagement through account targeting, content strategy, and demand generation

Tarik Najeddine Headshot

Tarik Najeddine


SEO Specialist with 12 years experience optimising websites, content and social media

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